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We have had the opportunities to work on many projects domestic and commercial for a range of different clients. I have decided to share some of my projects with you below. 
This is not limited to what we can do, so please do contact us to arrange a time for us to come and look at what you require.

Projects: Recent Projects
Bathroom Project.jpg


The client had had their bathroom totally renovated, and we went in and did all the electrics in the house. They wanted something different in the room to give it a glow! With careful planning, preparation, and execution, you can see the unique and wonderful finished product.


One of the projects I'm most proud of. It was a huge success. The biggest challenge was making widespread changes to the space while simultaneously focusing on the finer, more precise details of the renovation. From start to finish, it was fun to add both function and style, making this property even more beautiful.

   "Matt was a very efficient Electrician who came to my house to do all my lights in the garden, which ended up being much more.

I found him to be very professional and happy to help with whatever I asked him to do. I will be using him again"

Michelle Hale

Back Garden.JPG

Extension Kitchen Lighting

My customer had built an extension onto their home, which I did all the electrics in the new kitchen. 

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